Orlando BoothLifetime Tool® & Building Products LLC has begun production on its new product line, the “Ultimate Pipe Flashing®”, showcasing it at the International Roofing Expo in Orlando. Roofing Contractors, Architects, Distributors and Manufacturers were among the many that traveled to the expo viewing some of the newest innovations in roofing for the coming year. The “Ultimate” was designed by noted roofing expert Roger M. Cline, in direct contrast to the current pipe flashing systems whose inferior materials and poor design have made them markedly prone to early failure. The average life of current pipe flashings can be less than 5 to 7 years, contrasting the 30-40 year shingle warrantees offered today. The conceptual solution was evident; simply build a premier pipe flashing that would outlast the roof covering. The “Ultimate” is fabricated from 24 gauge galvanized steel with a protective Dark Brown Kynar* coating, coupled with an ultra-pure silicone elastomeric seal and a UV stable Proprietary PVC compression collar. Each of these materials is noted for its excellent service and durability even in extreme marine conditions.

In the coming months, Lifetime will be unveiling new solutions in roofing that will, like the “Ultimate Pipe Flashing®”, continue in our tradition of true innovation and superior design.

Lifetime is pleased to announce that the National Roofing Contractors Association has awarded us a second place in the 2012 New Product Showcase.

Build Boston 2011

In November of 2011 Lifetime Tool® & Building Products LLC was privileged to attend the Build Boston Show, whose attendees were primarily architects and engineers. Our AIA specifications were completed prior to the show and are available for download by clicking here.

Kynar is a registered trademark of Arkema, Inc.

New Orleans 2011 AIA Show Product Information