A&D Exteriors, Bartlett, IL

Zak Smith “It differentiates us from everybody else
and we were
 finding failures in the lead boots we had been using.”

Guardian Home Improvement, Morrisville, PA

Jon Goodman ops Mgr & Robert Frehafer, owner: “You guys are the
best, can’t wait for the new vent!”

J Carnes & Son Roofing, Hampton Falls, NH

Jason Carnes, owner:
“Man, we love these boots!”

Allstate Roofing, Rochester, NY

Austin Carter & Daniel Musiyevich:
“Why buy a 50 year roof when 
you’re not going
to have a 50 year flashing solution? It just makes sense.”

Lombardo Roofing PT. Pleasant, NJ

Tony Lombardo “I like the size, durability and quality.”

Kyro Builders, Chesapeake, VA

Kyle Billips & Robert Oliver, owners
“Quality is the most important part ,
of our business; the Ultimate is a big
part of that.”

Eason Roofing, York, SC

Jason Lindsey: ‘We’ve used it for years.
You really can’t use anything else."

Roofing Rochester, Rochester NY

Paul Melnic, owner, Michael Schultz, project mgr.
"Best thing we’ve ever used"

Barnett Roofing, Knoxville, TN

David Barnett, owner, Rob Schwanke:
"Great product, solved a big problem’"

Residential Exteriors, Braintree MA

Nick Kazolias, owner with Jody Rodgers, Lifetime Tool
"I absolutely love the Ultimate and it’s great to finally
meet you in person"

Semper Fi Roofing, Mukwonago, WI

Don Majica :
"Once you’ve seen your boots,
you really can’t use anything else’’"

H.E. Parmer Company, Nashville, TN

Paul Shanes:
"Awesome product, sells itself"

Kline Restorations, Dundee, OH

James Yoder, owner:
"We’ve been using the Ultimate since
you first brought it out"

Peak Roofing, Warrenton, VA

Dawn Smith, owner:
"We started using Ultimate Pipe Flashings in
2013, It’s important to offer to the customer
because it’s the best Pipe collar on the market.
The product speaks for itself and produces the
results you need in a pipe collar. "

Brothers Services, Hampstead, MD

Lee Brandt, roofing manager:
"Everything you make, we use. "

C & K Roofing, Huntsville, AL

Brian Gentry:
"We love the lifetime boot."

A Best Roofing, Tulsa, OK

Jarod Lane:
"We’ve been using these forever"

Victor Smolyanov, owner:

Victors Roofing, Canton MI

Website: Brightside