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Complete Flashing System for New & Existing Plumbing Pipes from Lifetime Tool®

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Recommended by Roofing Contractors!

Once you know about yours, how could a decent roofer use anything else?
C.L. Lupton, C.L. Lupton Roofing, Greenville, SC
I would like to start showing this product to my homeowners to set ourselves further apart from the competitors.
Jeffrey Heizenrater, Triple Peaks Roofing; Avon, OH
We have built over 500 homes and track our call backs. Roof boot failure is in the top 3.
Harry McKean, New Age Associates, New Oxford, PA
Stop telling everyone else about your boots, I’m serious. I want to be the only one who has them.
Abe Brooks, A. Brooks Construction, Langhorne PA
It’s a thing of beauty, and now in all conscience, after finding it, you can’t really use anything else.
Bob Horch, Horch Roofing
Now, the home builders are requesting that we only use the Ultimate.
Style Roofing, Gainesville, VA , Style Roofing
I make the flashings here and once I retire no one will know how to do it….we’ll need your part, hell we already need it.
Jim Miller Roofing, Lansdowne PA, Jim Miller Roofing
I refuse to buy that Chinese crap any more. It’s insulting.
Paul Wright Roofing, Allentown PA, Paul Wright Roofing
Any roofer who knows about your flashing and chooses not to use it is dishonorable to his clients.
Martin Pettigrew, Monarch Roofing, Myrtle Beach SC
I replaced all my four year old flashings immediately after learning about your flashing.
Stephen P. Hinkle, Weatherly PA
Worth every penny
Craig Shivers, Rumson NJ
awesome products, as a homeowner I have suffered many times replacing the wimpy pathetic “standard” pipe flashing.
Steve Bishop, homeowner from Kansas
Caldwell’s Roofing loves the LifetimeTool.com roofing boots. Boots are a common place for leaks, and it only makes sense to design them to last. Sadly, in our price-driven world, it is exactly here that roofers and manufacturers often chintz, using cheap plastic boots that will deteriorate in 10-15 years. The boots made by Lifetime Tool are simply amazing – they look great, are durable, and snugly fit around the pipe penetrations.
Brad Caldwell, Caldwell Roofing

AwardULTIMATE PIPE FLASHING 2015 Roofing Contractor Award Winner

Ultimate Pipe FlashingThe Ultimate Pipe Flashing® for the Life of your Roof!

Lifetime Tool® & Building Products LLC’s Ultimate Pipe Flashing® employs a break-through design with a proprietary sealing method for plumbing vent pipes and other roof penetrations. The Ultimate Pipe Flashing® is a true solution to the well documented failures of products currently available on the market and has undergone exhaustive ASTM, Dade County Florida and other testing as noted in the specifications section of this website. Read more »

Easy SleeveThe Easysleeve®

Although the Ultimate Pipe Flashing® is designed for PVC, ABS and IP, the all new line of black PVC EasySleeves® with integral cap makes installation a snap for cast iron, copper and other pipes with irregular surfaces. Read more »

Easy FitThe EasyFit™*

Flashing 4” Cast Iron is now quick and cost effective with the EasyFit™. The EasyFit™ comes ready to go. Simply cut the pipe flush or below the roof deck, insert the EasyFit™, and you’re ready to install the Ultimate Pipe Flashing®. Read more »

*Patents and Trademarks pending

SquareLock™* Snow Guards

  • SquareLock™ technology forms an I-beam structure with incredible hold.
    • Certified Almag 35 does not corrode or break.
    • Angled set screws make for easier installation & prevents panel damage.  Read more »

*Patents and Trademarks pending